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We provide a platform for athletes to showcase their achievements and talents. 

Our rising stars, get sponsorship, free coaching, mentor-ships and placements within teams, colleges and academies.

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We work with hundreds of scouts and talent spotters, to connect up and coming athletes to colleges, and draft systems. 

Its difficult to stand out as an athlete, Let sportspotter help you.

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The service is totally free for athletes. We charge a fee to the agents and scouts, if an athlete is drafted or placed. Coaches also pay a fee for access to the athletes and only with athlete consent.

Feedback from our Athletes


Michael Forest (18)— Miami, FL

"I was the top scorer for 3 seasons in a row for my soccer team. By using sportspotter and uploading some of my goals, I was drafted into a semi-pro team and am currently training to make the first team"


Jason Kite (17)— London, UK

"I won my tennis senior club champs at age 14. I was offered full kit sponsorship for two years thanks to sportspotter helping me connect to sponsors"


Cameron Alvarez (16)— Brasil

 "I have been a single digit golfer for 3 years from the age of 11. Connecting with coaches on sportspotter is helping me get to scratch" 

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SportSpotter is by invitation only. We are supporting thousands of athletes just like you. Please send us your details and we will be in touch to evaluate your participation on the platform.


Miami, FL, USA

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